5 Email Marketing Automation Software To Boost Your Business Prospects

5 Email Marketing Automation Software To Boost Your Business Prospects

Good email marketing automation software empowers you with the ability to create fetching email newsletters with the help of an easy-to-use user interface (mainly drag and drop). Without putting in lots of work you’ll earn the capability of sending bulk emails that are highly targeted and personalized in form. This process is referred to as email marketing automation.

Having said that, the email marketing automation services you provide should make it more plain-sailing for:

  • The management of your contacts
  • The segmentation of specific users into groups
  • The performance monitoring of your email marketing campaigns

Above all, a powerful email marketing automation software makes sure your emails escape the spam folder. Here we take a look at 5 of the most sought-after email marketing automation service providers and how they help your business to thrive.

  • Constant Contact

Constant contact is gradually moving on to become one of the biggest and fastest email marketing automation software service providers in the world. It’s also considered as the most user-friendly tool for both novices as well as experts. With Constant Contact in place, you can effortlessly handle the following.

  • Email lists
  • Contacts
  • Email templates
  • Marketing calendar

Each account you create with this email marketing automation software offers you seamless access to:

  • An easy leads tracking mechanism
  • Systematic reporting framework
  • Integrated social media tools for sharing information
  • List segmentation feature
  • Free image library
  • Built-in consolidation of Facebook ads
  • Robust eCommerce store integration especially for Shopify

The Email Plus accounts of Constant Contact also put forward powerful features such as

  • Coupons
  • Email automation
  • Online donations
  • Subject line A/B testing
  • Surveys and polls

Each of these features has the efficacy to help you in sending targeted emails to your prospects and existing customers to maximize the open rate. Constant Contact comes up with matchless support through:

  • Live chat
  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Community support
  • A library of useful resources

In addition to online training, the software puts in an offer of in-person live seminars which enable businesses to learn the fundamentals of email marketing quickly and get going with it to expand their businesses like a whizz.

  • Drip

When it comes to building a potent email marketing platform meant for extensive use by digital marketers, bloggers, and eCommerce frequenters Drip is where their journey’s end lies. Drip, as a compelling email marketing automation software provider, is at their service with an eclectic array of tools that simplifies everything related to the sales funnel, marketing automation, and personalization.

Drip can be seamlessly integrated with major website builders such as WordPress and WooCommerce. This enables you to quickly and straightforwardly include sign up forms aimed to attract your website visitors and seize substantial leads.

What differentiate Drip from its contenders are its sharp-witted marketing automation tools, list groups, intelligent email segmentation, and a visually appealing workflow builder. These features permit you to touch base with the targeted customers present in your email list, capture more leads, and garner more sales.

The various support options that Drip’s email marketing automation software comes up with take in:

  • Automation training
  • Comprehensive courses
  • Free guides
  • In-depth documentation
  • Live chat
  • Webinars

Another advantage of Drip that can be leveraged by businesses is its proficiency in sending out bulk emails with the intent of setting up connection and engagement with all customers on a personal front. this is accomplished by resorting to the software’s smart feature of eCommerce marketing automation.

Albeit the high pricing can be a marginal deterrent, Drip, known for its wide-ranging advanced features, is a standout among the most effective email marketing automation software aimed at catering to business owners and eCommerce websites.

  • MailChimp

MailChimp is an extremely well-received email marketing service provider primarily because of the free service it offers in permanence. MailChimp comes handy with:

  • An email builder
  • Auto-responders
  • Effortless tracking of analytics
  • Group segmentation among the contacts

MailChimp also enables you to:

  • Set up the time of delivery based on the user’s location and time zone
  • Set up segmentation based on user’s geolocation

MailChimp’s email marketing automation software can be effortlessly integrated with several website building and eCommerce platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc. The customer support offered by MailChimp can be accessed through emails, live chat options, and a huge reserve of knowledge-based tutorials. Also, MailChimp puts in a bid of a forever-free plan which comes to the aid of its clients by allowing them to send nearly 12,000 emails to as many as 2,000 subscribers.

  • SendinBlue

In essence, SendinBlue is an all-inclusive text messaging and email marketing automation software for businesses. This rapidly growing email marketing platform is very user-friendly and equipped with impressive features and tools that help write visually attractive and highly engaging emails. It’s built-in drag and drop tools are perfectly designed especially for novices who have no prior experience in email marketing.

SendinBlue has incorporated several automation tools aimed at helping beginners by allowing them to:

  • Send transactional emails
  • Fabricate workflows
  • Carry out segmentation among users

Also, it has the capability of choosing the most opportune time for sending bulk emails by taking advantage of its inherent AI-powered algorithms to ensure best possible email deliverability.

SendinBlue comes up with an email marketing plan totally free of cost that permits you in sending nearly 300 mails per day. However, all these emails will have its branding embossed on their bodies. Paid plans for SendinBlue start with a monthly subscription of $25. You’re also facilitated with the option of including SMS to your account. But, in this context, the pricing will keep varying based on your precise email sending requirements.

In recent times they have greatly improved their premium email marketing automation software by bringing in more progressive features wherein users can get more value at the same price.

Some of these features include:

  • Landing page builder
  • Live chat
  • CRM
  • Facebook ads integration

Furthermore, SendinBlue extends help by creating and furnishing a distinctly separate SMTP bulk email marketing automation software and service. This can be used for powering and propelling automated, transactional emails originating from your WordPress site. Even though this feature doesn’t come of many benefits as far as your email marketing campaigns are concerned, still, it’s a decent idea to get this feature integrated given that you’ve got a very big website to manage and you’re in the need of directing content-based emails automatically.

  • GetResponse

When it comes to making the most of email marketing automation software solutions GetResponse is very much in demand these days. The software system is known for its extreme ease-of-use and makes email marketing for SMBs much simpler. The package comes with a handful of remarkable marketing automation tools and implements that grant you the option of creating quick-witted automated email marketing campaigns.

With its intrinsic drag and drop email building feature this email marketing automation software helps in the:

  • Creation of campaigns
  • Segmentation of contacts
  • Transmission of content earmarked for particular groups

The built-in tools can come to your succor by bringing effective email marketing campaigns to fruition and escalating your profits. GetResponse is equipped with visually striking responsive forms, auto-responders, landing pages, tracking analyzers, and A/B testing tools.

GetResponse is also widely acclaimed for its smooth, trouble-free integration with many third-party leads generating software architectures like Google Docs, Salesforce, Zen Desk, OptinMonster, etc. Client support is rendered through phone, email, and live chat options.


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