How to make K 12 content relevant to the needs of the future

How to make K 12 content relevant to the needs of the future

The curriculum in the schools as of date especially in India is still focused on the past. Curriculum development is a complex process that integrates the plans for learning, designing the implementation plans, evaluation of these plans and their strategy and then the actual implementation of this curriculum in the schools across India.

After a year this curriculum needs to be accessed and the reporting of the outcomes need to be assimilated into the curriculum. But unfortunately this process is being cut relatively short for various reasons. The curriculum is heavily monitored by the government of the day and they change the curriculum at their whims and fancies. A curriculum that does not frame learning with a critical questioning frame of mind, is not a well planned curriculum from the student’s point of view.

The need of the hour that is felt by many initiatives of the top K 12 content development in India is the inclusion of new age topics which can make students ready for the new world. There are many indications from the market that there will soon be a shift in the workforce and it will continue to grow. Some of the top K 12 content development organisations have already started integrating the curriculum with robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and data analysis topics.

With almost 51% of the present day jobs to be made redundant with just automation in place within the next 10 years, these top K 12 content development people are definitely moving in the right direction. This does not mean mass unemployment but rather a redefining the knowledge required to be employed. We – the people and the government – should take a lesson from such top k 12 content development in India and redefine the curriculum soon to tackle this looming problem.

It surely is rather difficult to predict the world and its requirements 20 years from now but we must take this first step to make our future generations able to thrive in this changing landscape. The data prediction estimates clearly indicate a change in the making with newer technologies taking over and we need to change as per the rate of technological advancements as early as possible.


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