Offbeat Tourist Attractions in Udaipur

Offbeat Tourist Attractions in Udaipur

The highly touristy city of Udaipur, nick named as ‘The City of Lakes’ in the desert state of Rajasthan is popular for its palaces, forts, havelis and stunning lakes.  From the perspective of history, the city speaks a lot about the culture and life style of the Mewar kings who once ruled Udaipur. Since this is a top tourist destination of India, we wouldn’t be surprised if you have already explored the city’s upbeat attractions. Take the road less traveled on your next vacation to this charming city for exploring some offbeat tourist attractions in Udaipur. 

Bucket-list of Offbeat Tourist Attractions in the ‘City of Lakes’

Gaze at the Stars in the Night from the Solar Observatory

Solar Observatory is an off the beaten track attraction in Udaipur. Visit the Solar Observatory for getting a spectacular view of the beautiful night sky of Udaipur with the twinkling of the stars in the background. The main highlight of the observatory is it is located on a secluded island in the center of the stunning Fateh Sagar Lake. The boat ride to the island is unmissable as it takes you through some stunning natural scenery. 

Get lost in the Beauty of Nature at Lake Badi 

This is another of the best offbeat tourist attractions in Udaipur India for the incoming tourists. Lake Badi may not be as popular as Lake Pichola or Fateh Sagar Lake but it sure does have the same charm and is one of the must-visit attractions in Udaipur. Located in an untouched spot of Udaipur, about 10 km from the heart of the city, Lake Badi is your best bet for breathing some fresh air and disconnecting yourself from the chaotic city atmosphere. 

Take a Cultural Tour of Udaipur at Shilpgram

Taking a tour of Shilpgram, an untouched tiny complex located in the outskirts of Udaipur is perfect for a cultural experience of the city. The complex spans to an extent of 70 acres, has a rich collection of Rajasthani rural arts and handicrafts and can help you learn about the lifestyle and culture of the indigenous people. The rural museum inside the complex is a must-visit place. 

Explore the Chhatris at Ahar Cenotaphs

This must be on top of your bucket-list of offbeat tourist attractions in Udaipur. Situated about 2 km east of the city center of Udaipur, Ahar Cenotaphs are a collection of 250 cenotaphs (empty tomb structures) of the kings of the Mewar Dynasty. The 20 dome shaped chhatris (pavilions) dedicated to the 19 Mewar Kings who were buried here are worth taking a look as they showcase the beauty of the Rajputana style of architecture. 

Watch the Beautiful Sunsets from Sajjan Garh Palace

This magnificent palace building overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake is without doubt a top attraction of the city and you may have already visited this in your last vacation to Udaipur. We bet you had never thought about watching the beautiful sunsets from top of this palace. For an offbeat experience in Udaipur, we recommend touring Sajjan Garh Palace during the dusk for catching glimpses of the beautiful sunsets. 

Best time to Visit Udaipur

The ‘City of Lakes’ can be best enjoyed during the winter season (Nov to Feb) due to the pleasant weather that’s perfect for sightseeing the city’s attractions. The downsides of having a vacation in winter is the crowds are thicker and the airfares & hotel tariffs tend to be the most expensive as this is the peak season for tourism in Udaipur. Consider traveling in the monsoon season (Jul to Aug) if you want to save some money on airfares & hotels due to the thinner tourist crowds. 

Now that you have got a thorough insight on the offbeat tourist attractions in Udaipur, don’t you think it’s about time you really experienced them? Besides these offbeat attractions, you must also consider the upbeat places to visit in Udaipur for getting a good feel of the destination during a holiday. When flying into Udaipur, you will be landing at Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur (UDR). Fly with Indian Eagle. Book your cheap flights to India with us for saving big on airfares. 


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