Role of IoT in Monitoring Water Purification Systems

Role of IoT in Monitoring Water Purification Systems

The technology has boosted the competence of our life to some higher degree. It has eased the challenges so that we can multitask in an effortless manner. There was a time when people use river water or bore well to get the drinking water. With time, they learn to boil the water and then the filter was introduced in the households. However, as the curse of this technology, the pollution level has also increased all over the world. The common sources of drinking water are contaminated with bacteria, germs, chemicals, heavy metals, and many other impurities.

To ensure the health of your family, installing a water purifier is not enough now. You have to constantly monitor the quality and TDS level of water. Unfortunately, it is not possible to always check the standard and level of impurities in the drinking water. Many times we forget to call the technician for annual maintenance.


On the other hand, with continuous service and increasing levels of pollution, the membrane and filter get damaged. Replacing the filter is an important thing but we may miss it occasionally. As a result, the TDS level may be higher that also we fail to notice.

IoT Water Purifier is the best solution to resolve all of the problems. IoT technology is a fast emerging force that is going to change many things in a revolutionary level. From TV, watches, CCTV, Chimney, this updated technology has collaborated with the water purifier also. With the help of the Internet of Things, we are able to connect the standalone system to an ever-connected digital grid. We can manage and access the appliances from anywhere with the help of certain app installed on our smartphone.

What are the facilities of the IoT Water Purifier?

Gone are the days, when you have to switch on your light, fan, AC, water heater and water purifier after coming back from a vacation. Now you can manage everything while you are on your way home so that you will get everything ready at the time of entering the house. Your room will be super cool and comfortable, the water of the bathroom will be already heated up to get a bath and the water purifier is ready to serve you a glass of sparkling clean water.

You will get the following facilities by installing the IoT Water Purifier:

  • You can access the water purifier from anywhere in the world. You have to install the app of the company and control the appliance from it. If you are out for a vacation and keep the water purifier off for the period, you don’t have to wait to drink water from it. You can also switch it off when you are out to save your energy bill.
  • The IoT technology will monitor the water quality constantly. In case, the TDS level goes higher than the safe level, it will send you a notification so that you can take the necessary steps to rectify it. It is the best way to assure the health of your family who will continue to drink safe water.



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