Lip gloss is an essential cosmetic item that is made up of the ample combination of wax and essential oils to keep your lips moisturize and soft. Women usually keep one or two lip glosses in their handbags for avoiding any inconvenience and for the protection of their lips during traveling.

Strengthen the Identity Among Makeup Lovers:

Are you offering an extensive range of lip glosses for women? Do you want to tempt your customers with your attractive shades of lip glosses? Nowadays, women love to carry the products in their purses that have beautiful packaging boxes or cases and it has also become the new fashion trend. If you are using    an old-style packaging products then it’s high time to bring change with the help of Dawn printing that has done a great job in the field of designing custom print packaging. Let customers remember the name of your brand with artistic designs and catchy color combination of packaging boxes.

Be different and use unique packaging box designs that make you prominent in the market. Coordinate with professional and experienced designers, show your creative side and produce artistic packaging boxes that promote and speak the value of your brand. Let’s have a look at few hand-on-hand designs of lip gloss packaging boxes made up with durable material.

Silver Foil Lip Gloss Packaging 

Let’s give an eye-catching and worthy look to your lip glosses with silver foil packaging box. Silver foil gives an aesthetic look after imprinting on the simple packaging box. Nowadays, many manufacturers prefer this style of packaging boxes due to increase functionality level. The magnificent and alluring look of the silver foil makes it impossible for customers to ignore the attractiveness of your product.

Die-Cut Custom Print Packaging 

Adding a die-cut in the lip gloss packaging box not only allows the women to see the color of the product but it also reflects a very tempting look. It is a simple and classy packaging style that helps you to attract customers with an exclusive range of your lip embellishers. From floral design to textural impact, you can suggest any type of design and designers will make it possible for you. According to the distinction and dimension of lip gloss, you can also use different shapes of die-cuts such as circular, rectangular, side cut and square.

Say Yes to UV Spot Packaging 

Give your boring and dull-looking packaging box a luxurious look with this packaging style. The spot UV varnishes on your packaging box highlight the logo of your brand and give it an extensive look. With the precise and catchy color palate, UV Spot design packaging boxes will outshine the name of your brand among thousands and trigger the appealing button in women.

Go with Lamination

This packaging box design reflects perfect fashion aura with its glossy and transparent look. You can choose different styles of lamination for making your brand logo prominent. Glossy lamination increases the attractiveness of your product while neon lamination packaging box enhances the intensity of color. This type of protective film not only improves the durability of the product but also protects the true shades of colors.

Gold Foil Lip Gloss Packaging 

This is one of the most exquisite packaging styles and gives an eye-catching look to your product. This is a simple but splendid packaging box option that you can select for your brand. In this design, you don’t have to select light or neutral colors because gold foil looks marvelous on darker color shades.

Show your coordination with expert designers and get any of the above-mentioned lip gloss packaging box design for your brand.


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